The Arkad Foundation operates in a building owned by Artco Srl (see Artco - Spaces), an architectural complex that is divided into four groups of buildings, with two open spaces at the ends: a yard with cranes for handling marbles on one side and a garden on the other. 

The group of four buildings includes:

-The large workshop, in the central part of the building, destined for artistic work of monumental sculptures;
-Studies, beside the laboratory dedicated to the realization of small works;
-The drawing studio, at the first floor, actually under completion;
-Three apartments hosting artists living-work at the Arkad Foundation;
-Above the studios the student's residence,with three bedrooms and a living room;
-The offices hosting the administration of Artco and the Arkad Foundation;
-The meeting room, houses a collection of books, specialized magazines and art catalogs;
-The exhibition gallery that runs along the river in the basement and includes several spaces for exhibitions, cultural and artistic events.

The whole complex is now an important cultural center for the promotion of modern and contemporary art. The Medici Palace has been recently listed by the UNESCO as a World Human Heritage.

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